iTero® Scanner

We understand the importance of precision and comfort in dental procedures. That’s why we prioritize cutting-edge technology for your dental care. The iTero® scanner helps revolutionize how we take dental impressions so you can say goodbye to traditional, messy impressions and welcome a more streamlined and accurate process!

What Are Digital Impressions?

Taking digital impressions with the iTero® scanner involves using a state-of-the-art intraoral scanner that captures detailed 3D images of your teeth and gums. This technology replaces the need for traditional impression materials, providing a more comfortable and efficient experience for our patients.

With the iTero® scanner, the process of getting impressions for your dental restorations is quick and non-intrusive. Our experienced dental professionals will glide the scanner over your teeth, capturing precise digital images in real-time. The result is a highly accurate virtual model of your oral anatomy.

What Does iTero® Technology Show?

The iTero® scanner provides a detailed 3D visualization of your teeth and gums. This invaluable tool allows our dental professionals to assess your oral health more comprehensively, aiding in planning and executing various dental treatments, from orthodontics to restorative procedures.

Additional Benefits of the iTero® Scanner

  • Eliminates the need for molds, ensuring a comfortable experience.

  • Provides unparalleled precision in your dental treatments.

  • Florida Dental Association

  • Streamlines the impression process, saving valuable time during your dental appointments.

  • Creates a comprehensive digital model of your oral structure for detailed treatment planning.

  • Facilitates better communication between our team and specialists for a collaborative approach to your dental care.

  • Allows you to see real-time 3D images of your teeth, fostering a deeper understanding of your oral health and treatment options.

    Enables personalized treatment plan creations tailored to your unique oral anatomy.

Experience a Better Impression Process with the iTero® Scanner!

We strive to provide our patients with the latest advancements in dental technology for an enhanced and comfortable experience. Trust us to deliver top-notch care backed by innovative solutions prioritizing your oral health and well-being. Schedule your appointment with Maras Dentistry today and experience the future of dental care with iTero® technology!